saltïne SS24 flip-flops


Embrace summer adventures with SS24 saltï flip-flops! Featuring a durable rubber sole, customizable lining, and chic design, they’re the perfect mix of comfort and style for any saltï fan. Get ready to make a splash!

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Dive into the summer vibes with the exclusive SS24 saltïne flip-flops, your ultimate accessory for an adventurous and carefree season. Crafted with love and flair, these flip-flops are designed to carry you comfortably through every summer escapade. The robust rubber sole ensures durability and is complemented by a soft fabric lining for supreme comfort, making them perfect for beach days, city explorations, or just lounging in style.

Featuring customizable 100% polyester fabric lining, these flip-flops allow you to express your unique style and connection to the saltï world. The sleek black Y-shaped rubber straps and classic toe post style combine functionality with a fashionable edge, ensuring you stand out in any crowd.

• Material: Durable rubber sole with a comfy, customizable polyester fabric lining
• Design: Stylish black Y-shaped rubber straps with a comfortable toe post
• Comfort: Soft-lined sole for all-day comfort, whether you’re hitting the beach or the streets
• Customization: Express your saltï spirit with every step
• Sustainability: Made on demand to minimize waste and promote thoughtful purchasing

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