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Leo @justsoantsy

Also Known as Salti, the Latine Queen Reggaetonera

I am a Venezuelan-American Creative Content Strategist, Visual Storyteller, and Artist with a background in digital marketing, visual design, and some knowledge of set and fashion styling!

For over nine years, I have been crafting and honing the art of successfully telling stories online and bringing results for multiple recognized brands.

Currently, I'm using all my experience and career skills to leverage my interest in digital art, Drag, and entertainment and create content that influences, educates, entertains, and informs others—an exposure opportunity for brands that align with my mission, vision, and values.


My mission is to, unapologetically, be a better queer Latinx entertainer, artist, and digital content creator and share this journey, learnings, experiences with others with similar backgrounds, interests, and curiosity.


I aim for a world where our Latin(e/x/o) LGBTQ+ and allies are confident that they can be whomever they are, be sure and equipped with skills and knowledge they need to trust their creative instincts, be leaders and risk-takers, and be part of social change.

MY values


with depth and authenticity, confidently.


for, empower and protect the LGBTQ+ youth.


yourself and others on important issues or a new skill.


a space that encourages artistic experimentation and creativity.