saltï SS24 gaming mouse pad


Step up your game with the SS24 saltï mouse pad! Designed for ultimate saltïne gamers, this pad features a non-slip base, high-quality stitching, and vibrant prints to keep you in control and styled while you play. Perfect for any gaming setup!🔥

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Elevate your gaming experience with the SS24 saltï mouse pad, designed to transform any desk into a professional gaming station. Whether you’re navigating through Decentraland, exploring Nifty Island, or conquering your favorite games, this mouse pad ensures smooth, precise control. We don’t want to hurt ourselves playing games.😉 Crafted from 100% polyester with high-quality edge stitching, it combines durability with sleek design.

The mouse pad comes in two generous sizes, 36″ × 18″ and 18″ × 16″, providing ample space for dynamic mouse movements. A rubber non-slip base anchors the pad securely to your table, eliminating any risk of slipping and enhancing your gaming efficiency. The vibrant prints and long-lasting colors add a splash of saltï’s unique style to your setup, while the rounded edges and non-slip surface ensure both comfort and performance during intense gaming sessions.

• Material: 100% polyester top with a rubber non-slip base
• Features: Superior edge stitching that resists peeling, vibrant long-lasting prints
• Design: Non-slip surface with rounded edges for comfort and precision
• Origin: Thoughtfully sourced and produced in Taiwan to ensure quality and durability

Weight 1.08 oz


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