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broken heart aesthetic: clothing, editorial, and more.
The weird idea of doing this broken-hearted clothing line, and even the editorial or the Instagram filter, happened suddenly after I created this illustration. I realized that lately, I’ve been craving the need to develop more designs and make creative crap to maintain myself inspired. This got me started.
When your heart is broken, there is nothing else to do but to embrace what comes with it. And, it would be best if you didn’t think about the chest pain after a break-up or the uncertainty of being brokenhearted. Think about the feeling of empowerment that this new opportunity brings you. A bittersweet chance to do, and feel, something better. That’s what these broken heart pics represent. Photography & Editing: Leo M. DavisModel: @tallbitchcecilia Get this crop-top at the @justsoantsy shop! Embracing the pain, confusion, and revelations that come from being heartbroken in a grungy, sweet, and comedic way.…
Troyan Summer
Back on July 23rd,1926, Troy was hit with one of the hottest heatwaves in the history of the city. The world looked like it was ending, and staying in and having that last glass of wine at home seemed like the best option.

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