A new creative and artistic renaissance is just starting with the NFT movement. From music to digital art, I am so excited to join this digital wave to share my artistry and join a community of talented creatives and artists doing the same.

Here are some of the NFT projects I am working on, their story, and what I am trying to achieve.

What is an NFT?

NFT’s are defined as non-fungible tokens which provides you with digital ownership of an item through what is called a ‘smart contract’. A smart contract is a digital computer programme that can execute legal events that can be stored on the blockchain for all to see.

Source: Mirror Article by Timipre

Here are the current NFT spaces I am on:


MUsic and entertainment

First Drag Performer to Dominate the Metaverse

I will say that I am the first drag performer to take over the metaverse and NFT world until I am proven wrong. Salti is an icon, a model, a singer, a comedian – anything you can expect from royalty!

salti latine queen reggatonera

Solidifying the NFT Drag Royalty Status

To solidify her title as NFT Latine Queen Reggaetonera, Salti needs to record DOPE reggaeton music and, just like any other artist, build a whole visual and experiential world around her and a community of ‘Saltine’ fans that support her.

The goal is to raise enough funds to produce high-quality bangers, music videos, visuals, merch and support the LGBTQAI+ youth and the creative arts.

How to support this NFT project?

Fund Salti’s upcoming reggaeton album

Currently, we are producing Salti’s upcoming reggaeton album! You have the opportunity to be a producer or simply support the project by getting the $SALTI tokens. Every NFT tier has pretty cool perks like posters, access to VIP discord rooms, and more!

Buy the Salti NFT collectibles

Be part of Salti’s world! You can get portraits, art, moments (and eventually music) as NFTs and own collectibles from characters to objects that give you power. The ultimate token: the crown 👑.

Get some @justsoantsy merch

Not sure how to buy NFTs yet? Don’t worry, you can get merch from the @justsoantsy store. Salti merch coming soon!

Share, Like, Retweet, or join the Discord!

By liking a TikTok video, retweeting, and sharing this page with your friend who loves drag, you will be helping immensely! Make sure to follow on TikTok, Twitter, Youtube, and join the community Discord.


NFT Photography and Art

As a multidisciplinary artist, I like getting my hands dirty with paint, taking photos with my friends, or just sitting down and drawing some digital art. You can find some of my minted work on the collections below:


Leo, why are you creating and selling NFTs?

I believe in a decentralized, safe, [and hopefully shortly friendly to our environment] internet. As an artist and content creator, I want to directly provide value to my community without relying on digital monopolies. I hope to possibly live my life doing what I love doing: creating art and entertaining.

Leo, I didn’t know you did music. Why reggaeton?

I have always loved the music! I might not be the best singer, but I have realized how much I love songwriting and giving creative direction in producing songs. But like Mike Myke Towers says on La Jeepeta (Remix) “Yo no soy el más que canta ni el más que entona – El género no trata de eso” (I am not the one that sings the best, but the genre is not about that.)

Salti is inspired by icons like Ivy Queen, Karol G, and other reggaeton royalties. I want her to sound and be almost as good as them! Additionally, I am using it as an opportunity to connect with my roots. I want to embrace the dopamine I get from the music I danced to growing up and the music that makes me dance now. 

Leo, what do you think is the future of drag?

That’s a good question! I am not sure if Ru has in mind, but my imagination goes beyond Web2 and Hollywood. My goal is to not be the only drag queen dominating the NFT space and the Web3. I can imagine 3d drag characters hosting performances on the metaverse, having their own NFT collections, and much more!

Leo, why are you mostly selling your NFT on the Polygon Network?

That’s because Polygon is a blockchain that provides scalable, secure, and instant transactions with Ethereum currencies like ETH, USDC, DAI. One of the benefits of this blockchain is that selling and buying NFTs is gas-free.

To buy NFTs on Polygon, you must “bridge” ETH to the network, and it does take gas fees to do so. Still, this process is straightforward and usually pretty low in comparison to general gas fees. You can find more information on OpenSea.

Leo, what are you doing with the money you are getting from NFT sales?

My initial goal is to raise as many coins as possible to put them back into the work and into the community! Not only, like I mentioned, produce better music, visuals, and assets, but also donate to the LGBTQAI+ community and the NFT community. For example, donate coins so other artists can buy art and actually afford the gas fees.

Leo, I am new to NFTs. How do I get started?

Don’t worry! The NFT space is very young, and all of us are learning as we go. It might seem daunting or scary, but it doesn’t have to be. You can check out the initial terms you should get familiar with when getting started with NFTs with this article from OpenSea. Additionally, here is a good article from Kapwing about getting started with NFTs.