free britney flag


free britney flag

Brighten up your space, and support our queen Britney as she fights for her freedom by adding this unique Free Britney flag to your wall.


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On Aug. 9th, Britney herself* supported a fan with their Free Britney flag! This flag is my spin on a Free Britney banner that you can put up outside, like this fan, or inside for some supportive decor. I utilized some texture in this design to create a bit more depth and character.

About the Free Britney Movement

Initially, they were made fun of for starting the #FreeBritney activism; now, their movement has shined the light towards a complicated legal system and situation that has kept Britney, and many others like her, away from controlling her life and her finances.

You can find more about the Free Britney movement by visiting, reading this “Britney Spears’s Conservatorship: What to Know” NY Times Article, or watching the Free Britney Documentary on Hulu.

Also, I would recommend checking out the videos of Joshua or Heather, the lawyer on Tiktok!

*that is still debatable.

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